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PVC has a versatility that helps it meet the various needs of modern architecture. In addition to new projects, PVC is also widely used in refurbishment where it often replaces traditional materials such as metals and wood. Key properties Strong and lightweight PVC’s abrasion resistance, light weight, good mechanical strength and toughness are key technical advantages for its use in building and construction applications. Easy to install PVC can be cut, shaped, welded and joined easily in a variety of styles. Durable PVC is resistant to weathering, rotting, chemical corrosion, shock and abrasion. It is therefore the preferred choice for a range of customers for many different long-life and outdoor products. In fact, medium and long-term applications account for some 85 per cent of PVC production in the building and construction sector. For example, it is estimated that PVC pipes will have potential in-service lives of up to 100 years. In other applications such as window profiles and cable insulation, studies indicate that over 60 per cent of them will have working lives of over 40 years. Cost-effective PVC has been a popular material for construction applications for decades due to its physical and technical properties which provide excellent cost-performance advantages. As a material it is very competitive in terms of price, this value is also enhanced by the properties such as its durability, lifespan and low maintenance. A recent study about the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of PVC products in window profiles, pipes and flooring showed that PVC is generally the most cost effective option